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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

Meet my cousin from Chicago. She can make me laugh at the drop of a dime. Along with her sister, she stood up in my wedding party. Before email existed, we would write long letters to each other anticipating the upcoming year's family reunion in which we would get to hang out for TWO WHOLE DAYSt. That meant we would stay up all night taking advantage of every second to hang out and come up with more silly things to laugh about later. And I know a few times, I cried when she and her sister had to leave to go back to Chicago..

This time I got to stay with her while I attended a workshop in Chicago. And to thank her for the free "hotel" I took these pictures for her. And of course, as I lay in the grass to get a shot, I was inches away from a little doggie gift. Yet another thing to giggle about!

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  1. Good job Christina! I had to comment because I love #9 - the one where she is on a sidewike and the fence is on her right (with the heels). That one is FABULOUS!